Bone marrow trephines

Unfixed sample

Unfixed bone marrow trephine biopsies should be sent in the formalin. Specimen should be immersed in six to ten times the volume of neutral buffered formalin (10%) in an appropriately sized container and the lid secured properly. The pot should be labelled with a formalin hazard label.

Fixed and stained sections

For bone marrow trephine biopsy, local decalcification protocol to be followed.  If local protocol is not in place, then the current protocol at Dept. Of Histopathology, Addenbrookes can be followed - After fixation in 10% formalin for (for 24 hours), bone marrow trephine biopsies undergo 48 hours EDTA decalcification (pH 6.5-7, at room temperature) before processing and sectioning.

Submit block 


20 consecutive serial sections (2-4 micro meters thin) with minimal trimming and submitted as following:

  • Three H&E stained slides at level 1, 10 and 20

+ Rest (17) unstained slides for further IHC/ retic

+ Block

Sample will be reviewed at HODS, agreement or amendment of local report without/ with IHC if needed and report added to the syste