How to send us a sample

HODS accepts referrals of all types of diagnostic specimens (blood, bone marrow and formalin-fixed / fresh tissue samples) from NHS and private providers within the United Kingdom.

Download the HODS test request form here.

Please contact us if you require more details on how to arrange referrals and testing.


Sample acceptance criteria

Please ensure to complete the request form correctly, as incomplete forms may delay a final report being issued. Guidelines for labelling samples and requests forms can be found here. Samples may be rejected or returned if :

  • Samples/forms received containing insufficient details to identify patients
  • Clotted blood samples
  • Liquid samples received in incorrect collection tube e.g. serum/citrate
  • Aged samples (for RNA based assays)  
  • Fresh or fresh-frozen tissues
  • Paraffin embedded tissue fixed in Bouin's, B-5, acids or fixatives other than neutro-buffered formalin
  • Paraffin block or section received containing no or insufficient amount of tissue
  • Paraffin block or section of tumour specimen received containing no tumour or tumour load below the limit required for the assays requested. The specimens received for analysis of acquired mutations must contain greater than 20% tumour cells in a whole section or in a macro-dissectible area)

A report will be issued if the sample is rejected.