The department of HODS provide an integrated Haematopathology diagnostic service which covers Histopathology, Diagnostic Cytology, Immunophenotyping and Molecular pathology. A close collaboration with HODS ensures that information from all these modalities is integrated into the final report with an aim of reaching an accurate diagnosis.

We accept referrals of all types of diagnostic specimens (blood, bone marrow, formalin-fixed/fresh tissue samples, etc.) from NHS and private providers within the United Kingdom.

Download the HODS Request Form below.

Specimen labelling:

  • The sample pot(s) must be labelled with the patient name, date of birth, and hospital number/NHS number, so an addressograph label is ideal.
  • Different samples must be distinguished by labelling the pots e.g. left or right. Any lack of information or mislabelling on the specimen pot(s) or form may result in the sample being returned to the sender causing a delay in processing the sample.

Specimen requirements

  • See table for further details.

Samples may be rejected or returned if :

  • Specimen or request form contains insufficient details to identify a patient
  • Blood samples are clotted
  • Liquid samples are in the wrong collection tube (e.g. serum/citrate)
  • Aged samples (for RNA based assays)  

Fresh or fresh-frozen tissues

  • Paraffin-embedded tissue-fixed in Bouin's, B-5, acids or fixatives other than neutro-buffered formalin
  • Paraffin block or section contains no or insufficient tissue
  • Paraffin block or section contains no tumour or insufficient tumour load to perform the requested assays
  • Specimens for analysis of acquired mutations must contain greater than 20% tumour cells in a whole section or in a macro-dissectible area

We will still issue a report if a sample is rejected.

Anticipated turnaround time
Seven calendar days from receipt of sample. Complex cases may take longer.

Urgent Requests
Please notify the specimen reception before sending your sample

Urgent Reports
Please discuss your request with a consultant pathologist before sending your sample

Clearly mark the request form as "urgent".
Include a contact name and phone number.
Specimens must be received before 1700 for next day results or 1300 for same day results.

Standard office hours
0900 – 1730 Mon to Fri

Main Laboratory 
+44 (0)1223 217177 or 348212
ext. 217177 or 217178

Diagnostic Cytology
+44 (0)1223 217608  or ext. 217608

Out of hours
1730 – 0900 Mon to Fri & Weekends
For emergency use only

Contact the on-call Haematology Registrar
via Addenbrooke’s Hospital switchboard on
+44 (0)1223 245151 to discuss your request

Contact us for more details on how to arrange testing.

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