Welcome to HODS


The Haematopathology and Oncology Diagnostic Service (HODS) at Addenbrooke’s Hospital provides comprehensive diagnostic services for haematological malignancies and solid tumours for the NHS Eastern Region.

The Service provides a broad range of assessments for the diagnosis and monitoring of haematological malignancies, including sections for morphology, immunophenotyping, cytogenetics, molecular genetics and histopathology. This allows both a multi-parameter approach to an integrated diagnosis and classification and an effective and economic use of the tools within a myriad of tests available for the assessment of haematological malignancies. Your request will be dealt with according to specific diagnostic pathways, based on clinical symptoms or (assumed) diagnosis provided to us.

The results of each laboratory section will be reported separately as they become available, and a separate, comprehensive integrated report will be compiled by collating and interpreting all the results together. This approach is intended to facilitate the classification and statement of the prognosis of the disease, and to help the clinician to design an appropriate management strategy.

The Service also provides an expansive menu of molecular tests on histology and cytology specimens to assist diagnosis, prognosis, treatment prediction and monitoring of solid tumour malignancies. More recently, next generation sequencing-based muti-gene panel testing has been introduced in the service for comprehensive profiling of somatic mutations in various types of solid tumours to inform personalised therapies that target specific characteristics of individual cancer patient. Our highly experienced laboratory technologists and scientists work closely with a dedicated team of pathologists. This integration not only enables us to have every specimen assessed, tested, interpreted and reported to the highest standards, but also ensures continued development of high quality clinical testing in the rapidly progressing field of molecular pathology.

The laboratory has full CPA accreditation and has close connections and collaborations with national and international diagnostic centres.

This 6th edition of the HODS booklet provides a survey of the different diagnostic pathways to be applied, based on the clinical information provided by you on the request form, and how to reach us for questions or discussions.